NBC Is Working With The Creator Of ‘Downton Abbey’ On A 19th Century Prequel Series Called ‘The Gilded Age’

Downton Abbey will be ending after its sixth season but this may not be the last we see of the Robert Grantham and the Dowager Countess. According to the Daily Mail, series creator Julian Fellowes is working on a spin-off series titled The Gilded Age for NBC that would take place decades before the first season of Downton Abbey.

There may also be a place for Robert, the Earl of Grantham, and his wife Cora, who is American-born. Lord Fellowes told The Mail on Sunday: ‘Robert Grantham would be in his early teens, Cora would be a child. A young Violet could make an appearance.’

The Gilded Age will focus on the robber barons and get-rich-quick industrialists of the late 19th century like Cornelius Vanderbilt, John Jacob Astor and John D. Rockefeller. NBC is hoping the spin-off prequel series will “come to life” sometime next year.

(Source: The Daily Mail)