TV’s Most Complicated Families

It”s hard being a TV family – what with vast empires to quarrel over, psychopathic offsprings, and even the most benevolent patriarch has to have six or seven affairs in their closet.

And then there”s drug dealing, mob ties, incestuous twins and the occasional vampire in your ken. Phew! It”s a wonder any television family can ever sit down for a quiet dinner. Being a member of a TV family is more dangerous than a tour of duty on the eastern front in WW2. 

But for all their problems, seeing the great families of our times stumble to connect, relate, put up with each other and now and then even love each other throughout the worst the most creative minds in the medium can throw at them is perhaps the greatest testament to the power of the ties that bind.

But not all TV families were made equal.  There”s “it”s complicated” and then there”s…complicated.   Here are some of the latter category: the 17 most complicated families in all of television.