Dubstep Boat Crash

News footage of a recent boat accident gets the Skrillex treatment.

#Viral Videos

People Are Awesome (And So Are Computers)


What you're watching is the latest video from the confrontationally-capitalized talkSPORT Magazine.

#game of thrones

Animaniacs Go Dubstep, 'Game Of Thrones' Cat, And Other Mashups

Featured mashup videos of the week, including Skrillex 'Animaniacs', a cat singing the 'Game of Thrones' theme, a 'Fight Club' remix, and Joel Schumacher's 'Dark Knight Rises'.

#Joseph Gordon Levitt

Guess The Difference Between The US And International Versions Of The 'Looper' Trailer

Two new trailers for sci-fi Looper (opening September 28th) are out now.


Farming Simulator 2011 Has Never Looked More Badass

It's lunchtime on a Friday before a holiday.

tap dancing

Nothing To See Here…Just A Couple Of Bros Tap-Dancing On The Beach To Dubstep


What, you've never seen a couple of bros walk out to the surf with a couple of boards and proceed to tap dance the sh*t out of them to a dubstep mix.

dubstep cat

Cat With Bad Taste Loves Dubstep


In fairness to dubstep, this sounds to me a little more like electro house or something like that than it does dubstep.


Morning Links: A Penny For Your Thoughts, A Five To Keep It Live

I tell people that "God" by John Lennon is my favorite song, but it's really this.


GET PUMPED: DJ Kitty Is The Tampa Bay Rays’ New Mascot

Sometimes Florida does something so awesome we briefly forget about the classy hairstyles and the epic mugshots and all the other crazy headlines which make us want to separate the state from the rest of us Bugs Bunny style.


Skifcha The Dubstep Hipster Cat Is Your Friday Nightmare Fuel

The first video after the jump has garnered nearly a million views already, and why wouldn't it.


Deaf Leopards, Liam Neeson, And Dubstep Kitty

"I wonder if their quarterback has one arm.


Classy Morgan Freeman, Dubstep, and Links

ROFLMNBAO: This Week’s NBA Action In Pictures |With Leather| Photoshop Challenge: Liam Neeson Versus… |UPROXX| Ten Pointless, Expensive On-Screen Props I Need to Own |Warming Glow| Cross Your Fingers: Dave Chappelle & Chris Rock Could Tour Together |Smoking Section| ‘I Want You to Make [...].


Screw It. Let's All Do Drugs.

Sure, there's more TV news out there right now.

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