Animaniacs Go Dubstep, 'Game Of Thrones' Cat, And Other Mashups

08.22.12 7 years ago

Good afternoon you princes of Maine, you kings of New England, you stalkers of bad doggies. Here are all the mashup and parody videos I didn’t get a chance to cover, thrown in your face like you’re Jodie Foster working for the FBI.

In the offing for today:

  1. Wakko from the Animaniacs covers Skrillex’s “Scary Monsters And Nice Sprites”. Here’s the pre-dubstep version of the cartoon, from back when cartoons were still funny. [via Buzzfeed]
  2. Anya the Siamese cat covers the Game of Thrones opening theme. In the game of thrones, you lick your butthole in front of guests or you die. [via Gorilla Mask]
  3. Here’s Fight Club reimagined as a romantic comedy. Wait, it wasn’t a rom-com? [via Neatorama]
  4. “The Nippled Knight” is what would happen if Joel Schumacher directed The Dark Knight Rises. I would not purchase this movie with my Bat Credit Card. [via Vulture]
  5. Banner picture via willzone.
  6. Inset picture via Superpunch.

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