We Mean Business

The Primer: 10 EPMD Songs Everyone Should Know

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Long Island was conspicuously absent from KRS-ONE's borough boasts on "The Bridge Is Over.


Give & Go: 25 Great Back-And-Forth Raps

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Before materialism engulfed the genre, lyricism was at the forefront of Hip-Hop and high standards created competition amongst the artists.


Built For The Streets: 10 Classic Black And White Videos From The ’90s

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For many, the '90s were the Golden era of Hip-Hop where the genre reached its artistic pinnacle.

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A Song For You: 10 Classic Tracks With Aretha Franklin Samples

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Even with all the convenience the digital age has brought to the fan's music consumption diet, chalking up the days of producers digging for infectious samples and thumbing through an album booklet to check out the credits as a relic of yesterday is a harsh reality to face.

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Six Out-Of-Print Hip-Hop Albums That We Needed Yesterday

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It never dawned on me that albums ever went out of print until all my CD's were stolen from my dorm room during my freshmen year of college.


5.24 The Cooler

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Nikki Fay Saying Goodbye To The Cougar Trend [PopEater] 'B-Ball Wives' Star: Someone Stole My Topless Pics [TMZ] A Short History of Crappy Storage [Uproxx] Hulk Hogan Suing the Makers of Cocoa Pebbles Cereal [Pro Wrestling] Lima Time No More [Larry Brown Sports] Does BET Have [...].


“Let It Out” – Review Of DJ Honda’s DJ Honda IV

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There was a time when a DJ had to prove themselves on the wheels of steel before they could even think about releasing an album.


4.23 The Cooler

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Kaitlin, Your Thick Thursday Offering Freda Payne, Thelma Houston, K.C. Casey Embarrass Themselves On American Idol [Newsday] Driven: Nissan 370Z vs. Ford Mustang [Men's Journal] Economy Be Damned: Apple Posts Its Best Second Quarter Earnings Ever [Tech Crunch] Poor DVD Sales Hamper U.S. Film [...].

We Mean Business

“Blow” – Review Of EPMD’s We Mean Business

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Remember the end of American Gangster when Frank Lucas was finally released from jail and he looked lost and out of place.

We Mean Business

EPMD – “Listen Up” Video

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That new new off EPMD’s upcoming album, We Mean Business, in stores on 12.

We Mean Business

EPMD – We Mean Business Album Sampler

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Even during these recessionary times, Erick & Parrish still mean to make dollars.


“We Mean Business” – EPMD. Nokia Theater In NYC. 4.25.08

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Words By Khalid Strickland EPMD's goodwill tour finally touched down at a sold-out Nokia Theater in New York City.


“Still In Business” – EPMD. Columbus, Ohio. 4.22.08

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Photos By Peace.Images When I gave word to my little brother that I was going to see EPMD later that evening, he responded with the phrase "What's that.

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