50 Cent Says Eminem’s ‘EPMD 2’ Verse Inspired Him To Record Again

It has been a while since 50 Cent dropped a musical project, as he’s been primarily focused on producing and promoting his various television series with Starz, which include a new Power spin-off and the period drama BMF, as well as fending off lawsuits for ripping off his competition in the beverage industry. However, a new rap release inspired him to start writing music again recently, as he told People in a recent video interview.

The release in question was King’s Disease 2, the latest release from 50’s fellow Queens native Nas — specifically the song “EPMD 2,” which featured 50’s friend and mentor Eminem. Eminem’s verse, which set Rap Twitter on fire the night of its release, prompted 50 to want to write again. “When Em does something that stands out to me, it’s special,” he said. “He just had a performance on Nas’ album, and it made me want to record again because of my connection to it. He sounded so good that I was like, ‘I gotta write something.’”

He also addressed his long absence from the forefront of the rap game, saying, “I feel like I’m still in it. Even if I don’t share it with the general public, it forced me back into writing, going to the studio and recording something.” Perhaps once BMF — which also features Eminem appearing as FBI informant White Boy Rick — is finished airing, 50 will be ready to once again share his new music with the general public.

Watch 50 Cent’s full interview with People above.