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‘Ohio State Smells Like Uranus': Your Roundup Of College GameDay Signs From Michigan State University

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Michigan State students absolutely killed it on College GameDay this morning in East Lansing, tackling everything from Urban Meyer, the SEC bias, and Papa Johns.

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‘I’m Too Drunk To Taste This Chicken': The Wild And Wacky From West Virginia’s College GameDay

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A Lee Corso wardrobe malfunction and some excellent GameDay signs highlighted this week's wackiness froM College GameDay.

ESPN College GameDay

Characters From ‘The Waterboy’ We Would Love To See As LSU’s ‘College Gameday’ Picker


ESPN's looking for a celebrity picker for College GameDay in Baton Rouge for LSU-Ole Miss. Here are some suggestions from "The Waterboy."


Katy Perry’s Was One Of The Most Bizarre Appearances In ‘College GameDay’ History

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Here's A Supercut Of All The Crazy Things Katy Perry Did on College GameDay.

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Clemson’s Daniel Rodriguez, The Best College Football Walk-On Story Since “Rudy”

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After Notre Dame's stunning win at Oklahoma two weeks ago, NBC's New York City affiliate showed the movie Rudy to cap off the precedent-setting victory.


ESPN’s Lee Corso Says The F-Word, The World Laughs

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The film crew and button-pushers for ESPN's College GameDay probably focus more of their energy holding watch over the gathered crowd and the usual array of obscene signs.


Digger Phelps Breaks Out His Dancing Shoes

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Well worth the watch even though I admit it could have stopped @ the one minute mark and I would have been fine.

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