Dear Twitter, Can You Please Stop This Stupid Sh*t Already? Thanks

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In case you weren’t watching, Louisville Cardinals sophomore guard Kevin Ware suffered a pretty awful injury when he broke his leg during yesterday’s win over the Duke Blue Devils.


‘Fake Louie Episodes’ Twitter Account Brilliantly Balances Optimism And Self-Hate

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The best tweets from the "Fake Louie Episodes" parody Twitter account.


NBA Draft Rumors: Another Reason Why Twitter Is Destroying The World

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Last week, I was giddy like a school girl when I saw that Jack McBrayer, AKA Kenneth from my favorite show, “30 Rock”, was following me on Twitter, because as someone who watches roughly 4-6 episodes of “30 Rock” each day, that would be pretty cool.


R.I.P. The Fake ‘Jack & Jill’ Twitter Account

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Anyone with a lick of common sense would have realized that Jack & Jill would be one of the biggest cinematic turds of the year by simply reading the words "starring Adam Sandler" in the movie's promotional materials.

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