‘Fake Louie Episodes’ Twitter Account Brilliantly Balances Optimism And Self-Hate

Still reeling from last week’s Louie finale? Yeah, us too. It’s going to be a long time before we see another new episode of the series, and no amount of It’s Always Sunny or The League can help fill that self-loathing hole in our cold, dark, dead hearts (though it doesn’t hurt, either). Coincidentally, a new parody Twitter account, “Fake Louie Episodes,” is here to speed up the process until season four.

The premise is simple: Louie does something innocuous, something bad happens, and, most of the time, he either goes to sleep or kills himself, all in three sentences, which isn’t that different from how the real Louie describes its episodes (“Louie takes care of his niece while her mother leaves for Philadelphia. But he has no idea how to communicate with her.”)

My favorite is the one that ends, “Masturbates in the bathroom. Goes to Europe.” Been there.