R.I.P. The Fake ‘Jack & Jill’ Twitter Account

Anyone with a lick of common sense would have realized that Jack & Jill would be one of the biggest cinematic turds of the year by simply reading the words “starring Adam Sandler” in the movie’s promotional materials. But all one had to do was watch the trailer — which I thought was an SNL skit where Adam Sandler poked fun at himself when I first saw it — to realize that it actually had the potential to be one of the biggest cinematic turds in the history of Hollywood.

So it probably shouldn’t come as any surprise that the film would be mocked and ridiculed by self-respecting comedians who actually take pride in their work — the opposite of whatever it is that Adam Sandler has become — and what better vehicle for such a thing these days than Twitter? So at some point late on Friday, a rather hilarious fake Jack & Jill Twitter account sprouted.

Reports Splitsider:

On Friday, a group of comedians took to Twitter, creating a faux-official account for Jack and Jill under the name @JackNJillMovie, firing off a series of digs at the film disguised as a misguided and desperate promotional campaign. As Friday evening wore on and the collective behind the account posted hundreds of funny jokes at the expense of the movie, @JackNJillMovie had attracted several hundred followers and retweets from everyone from Aziz Ansari to Paul Scheer to TV critic Alan Sepinwall. For those wondering who was behind the Jack and Jill Twitter, comedian Jake Fogelnest, who was also responsible for a parody account for the show Studio 60, hinted heavily in his latest webcast that he and a group of his comedian friends were running the account.

Some killjoy studio executive eventually found out about the account and whined to Twitter about it and it was taken offline, which is sad because it was probably the funniest thing to result from the making of this painfully unfunny movie.

(HT and screengrabs: Splitsider)