Peyton Manning’s Jersey Is Loved By Gangs

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Proving once again that the Denver Broncos should have kept Tim Tebow instead of signing Peyton Manning, controversy is brewing in a Colorado town over kids wearing Manning’s bright orange No.


Crips And Bloods Now Turning To White Collar Crimes, Using Social Media To Recruit Gang Members


I was totally ready to call it a week, but then I <a href="">ran across something</a> that I just had to post on.

FBI: Arrested Bloods Gang Members Using Playstation Network To Communicate


Over the weekend <a href="">Public Intelligence published an FBI memo</a> in which the agency warns law enforcement officials that gang members under house arrest are using the Playstation Network to communicate with each other, circumventing the traditional communications surveillance measures that have been in place.

harmony korine

James Franco wants to stage a real gang fight

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My plan to get a PhD in James Franco studies from James Franco University is looking less attractive today after Franco was the second boredest guy at the Oscars last night (behind Tom Hanks).

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