Santa Fe Spent $50,000 For ‘The Bachelor’ To Misspell The City’s Name

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Santa Fe's tourism group paid ABC $50,000 to bring 'The Bachelor' to town, only to have the show misspell the city's name.


Friday Flashback: In Which ‘Animaniacs’ Teaches Us All The Countries In The World Via Song

By | 17 Comments

Remembering "Yakko's World," the helpful and extremely catchy geography song from "The Animaniacs."


NBC Is Having A Hard Time Identifying Flags For The Winter Olympics

By | 4 Comments

As the 2014 Winter Olympics has been a comedy of errors, even NBC's graphics department has been having a hard time identifying flags.


UNC And South Carolina Are Instate Rivals, Says Someone Who Has Never Heard Of North Or South Carolina

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When it comes to sports reporting, sometimes you can't let the little things -- like facts, or geography -- get in the way of a good story.

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