Watch This Guy Hilariously Fail At Geography On ‘Wheel Of Fortune’

As Jeopardy’s dopier, more populist cousin, Wheel of Fortune provides a good window into what ordinary Americans are like, including the fact that some of us really suck at geography.

Take this poor guy and his poor wife. They correctly solve the puzzle “gondola ride through Venice,” which they presumably get to do, as their prize. Most of us must know that Venice is in Italy–it’s not like this couple is winning a gondola ride in a major city in Slovenia. So I’m sure Pat Sajak wasn’t expecting a completely wrong answer, when he says, “Let’s check your geography knowledge. What country do you think we’re sending you to?”

David doesn’t skip a beat: “Paris.” Cue audience laughter. “France.”

“Do we still get it?” his embarrassed wife Keri asks, as Pat doubles over in laughter. He then gets in another joke at David’s expense: “Apparently you know your husband well.” But they do still get to go to Venice… Italy.

This isn’t the only great Wheel of Fortune fail, however. There’s this doctor’s complete failure to guess “stars in the night sky.” And there’s this woman who doesn’t know the names of the seven dwarves (girl, I feel you).