Kane Thinks A Brothers Of Destruction Movie Would Be Awesome

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The Devil's Favorite Demon talks about a possible Kane and Undertaker origin movie. Plus, he reveals his great taste in horror flicks.

snow white and the huntsman

‘Snow White And The Huntsman 2′ May Recruit A ‘Walking Dead’ Mastermind And Dump, Er, Snow White

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'Snow White And The Huntsman 2' is going to have a lot of Frank Darabont and not a lot of Snow White

mobile games

Square Enix’s Next ‘Hitman’ Game Is… ‘Hitman Go?’

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Hitman Go sounds like a bad anime, but it's actually Hitman conceived as a board game.

#video games

Immersion Is A Headset Designed To Quell Gamer Rage

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Gamers have a lot of headsets... but what if there was one that taught you to calm down? That's what Immersion does, in a clever way.


The U.S. Postal Service Finally Joins The Twenty-First Century

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Sick of the lines at the post office? They're finally discovering technology to solve that problem.

wireless carriers

Attention International Travelers: T-Mobile Has Made Data And Texting Free In Over 100 Countries

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T-Mobile just decided that data and texting should be free when you're overseas. Well, to a point, anyway.


Why ‘RoboCop’ Needed To Change The Plot

By | 24 Comments

'RoboCop' may be a remake, but it'll be a very different movie.

wireless carriers

Your Phone May Soon Be Legally Unlockable If Obama Has His Way

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Want to unlock your phone? The government wants you to, as well.


Phonebloks Is A Modular Phone Concept With An Odd Ad Campaign

By | 9 Comments

Phonebloks has a great idea... that it may be trying to sell in the wrong way.

#video games

Four ‘Solutions’ To Nintendo’s Problems That Won’t Work

By | 21 Comments

Nintendo is still doing well, but struggling nonetheless. Here are a few "solution", and why they won't work.

verizon edge

Verizon & AT&T Have Finally Realized That You Want Yearly Phone Upgrades

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AT&T Next and Verizon Edge will allow you to trade in your phone every year... for a price.


Apple Is Developing Ad-Skip Technology That Pays Networks When Viewers Fast-Forward Past Commercials

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Apple finally realizes that, hey, maybe if you give the networks money, they won't care quite so much about ad-skipping.

#Star Wars

Disney Saves Your Childhood: ‘Star Wars’ Will Not Be Re-Released In 3D

By | 12 Comments

Star Wars 3D is thankfully dead. Now, about erasing the prequels...

political bias

Bing’s ‘Political Bias’ Filter Is Actually Pretty Interesting


Bing is apparently also the sound of a B.S. detector.


Facebook Rolls Out ‘Save For Later’ Feature

By | 2 Comments

Facebook is usually featured on here when they've gone wrong. This time, though, they've done us all a solid.


New York City Makes Payphones Useful, Turns Them Into Wifi Banks


They are aware payphones are pretty much used exclusively by drug dealers at this point, right?


Facebook Wants Your Organs


OK, OK, it doesn't actually want your organs.

Joe Johnston

Joe Johnston Wants To Make a Boba Fett Movie?

By | 5 Comments

I may have been the only nerd in the world excited when Joe Johnston was announced as the director of "Captain America.

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