Behold LG’s Tone Studio, A Surround Sound Necklace That You Can Wear

12.28.16 2 years ago

Surround sound is pretty neat, whether on albums or in the movies but it’s also hard to implement properly. You have to install speakers, find a sweet spot, and hope that everything is wired properly. So LG’s idea to take surround sound everywhere you go in handy portable form is pretty awesome for movie fans and audiophiles. There’s one problem, however: You’ll have to accept looking a bit dorky to get all that sound you crave.

Yes, that really is the Tone Studio up above. It’s a “necklace” you drape around your shoulders to enjoy four speakers’ worth of audio quality. There’s also a networking feature so you can link another set. The necklace has built-in earbuds and a high fidelity DAC, so unless the price is sky-high, and LG hasn’t announced one yet, this might be ideal for apartment dwellers who want full sound but don’t have room for it, people who hate the idea of installing speaker sets from Wal-Mart, and, well, everybody else who isn’t an audiophile with a drill and an all-consuming passion for electrical wiring.

The trade-off is, well, you’re going to look a little silly while enjoying your music. It says something that LG had to Photoshop the product onto a stock photo in the first place. Still, the solution is simple: Just don’t wear the necklace in public. And maybe don’t wear it around your significant other, either.

(Via Mashable)

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