‘Snow White And The Huntsman 2’ May Recruit A ‘Walking Dead’ Mastermind And Dump, Er, Snow White

Snow White And The Huntsman was actually surprisingly good, although there was a rather large problem in that Kristen Stewart couldn’t be bothered to do anything to earn her paycheck. How will the sequel solve this problem? Apparently by hiring Frank Darabont and cutting Snow White out of the movie completely.

Or at least that’s the current belief. The Wrap has a few more details:

Darabont has not received an official offer yet but is expected to engage with the project when one does materialize, as Universal and producer Joe Roth are high on his take for the sequel/spinoff.

Meanwhile, Kristen Stewart is not expected to return… Thanks to “The Avengers,” Hemsworth is a much bigger star since the first film was released in June 2012. …Charlize Theron is also expected to reprise her role as the evil queen, who was left trapped in her own mirror at the end of the first film.

So, basically, they want to hire a beloved Oscar-nominated director with a taste for genre, cut out the biggest liability from the last movie, and deliver what the first one could have been? Wait, was there a sudden infusion of sanity in Hollywood? Did somebody go off their meds, or get on the right ones?

Darabont is not a done deal but presumably they’ll throw the money at him that he wants to make this movie happen. Add this to Pacific Rim 2 in the category of sequels we’re looking forward to.