Which Halloween Costumes And Candies Are Most Popular In Your State This Year?

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According to these maps, certain states are giving out the best candy for Halloween each year, while New Mexico is giving out pencils.

the oscars

‘What Is Dallas Buyers Club About?’ The Top 10 Oscars-Related Google Searches

By | 17 Comments

"What is Dallas Buyers Club About?" and the rest of this year's most-searched Oscars questions.


Google Has Banned Rap Genius From Appearing In Its Search Results

By | 8 Comments

You don't want to piss off Google with shady SEO practices. Rap Genius is learning that the hard way.


If You Forget Danny Trejo's Name, Google Is Your Amigo

By | 3 Comments

Today Redditor lolbifrons made the unforgivable mistake of forgetting Danny Trejo's name.


100 Inexplicably Funny Google Search Result Suggestions

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I don't find myself using search engines that much, what with my already complex and vast knowledge of anything and everything, but on occasion I'm forced to use Google in case I need lessons in how to do something practical like remove a bullet from my arm or save a wounded animal from predators or raise children.

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