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Want To Watch Olivia Wilde Jiggle Her Boobs?

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Olivia Wilde made the cover of British GQ’s new Comedy Special issue devoted to "Kings of Comedy.


Olivia Wilde's British GQ Comedy Issue Appearance Has Not Gone Unnoticed By The Internet

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When British GQ planned <a href="" target="_blank">their April Comedy Specia</a><a href="" target="_blank">l and corresponding beatboxing comedians YouTube trailer</a>, I'm sure someone in the room said something along the lines of, "Getting all these funny blokes together is quite nice, but they sure are an ugly bunch of wankers.


Gallery: Gina Carano Is In Her Underwear And Ready To Kill You

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I was worried about having a stressful weekend -- dealing with life and obligations and getting the first episode of our podcast up by Monday -- but our man <a href="">Weed Against Speed</a> has come through in the clutch, and oh boy what a clutch it is: <a href="">GQ</a> magazine's interview with fighter, American Gladiator and upcoming Haywire film star Gina Carano is up, and with it comes a full underpants photoshoot and video.


Nick Nolte’s Infamous Mugshot Is Not His Actual Mugshot, Says Nick Nolte


I was reading <a href="">the profile of Nick Nolte</a> in the new issue of GQ last night when I ran across this little nugget.


What Would Jean-Ralphio Do?: GQ’s Best Ever Q&A


<a href="" target="_blank">GQ recently had the honor</a> of conducting a Q&A on fashion, romance, and the meaning of life with Ben Schwartz's swagtastic alter ego Jean-Ralpio Saperstein.

james murphy

GQ Makes Aziz Ansari, James Murphy and David Chang’s Tokyo Tweet Dreams Come True


As <a href="">GQ's Brett Martin tells it</a>, Aziz Ansari was at the afterparty of an Arcade Fire show recently when he tweeted the following: "David Chang, @lcdsoundsystem, and myself want to go to Tokyo and eat food.


Herman Cain: A ‘Manly Man’ Is Too Manly To Eat ‘Sissy Pizza’ — I.E. Pizza ‘Piled High With Vegetables’

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We are merely hours into this new week and already magical presidential candidate/gift from the comedy gods Herman Cain has said something that has people all over the internet going, "Wait, WHAT.


Backstage On Opening Night Of The Watch The Throne Tour


Oh did you hear that Jay-Z and Kanye West officially kicked off their Watch the Throne tour in Atlanta on Friday night.

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Hipster Cop Already Has A GQ Fashion Profile of His Very Own


Well lookie here -- it seems that <a href="">GQ has discovered the hot new thing</a> to come out of Occupy Wall Street, <a href="">current internet it-boy Hipster Cop</a> -- aka NYPD community affairs officer Rick Lee -- and conducted <a href="">an interview</a> with him about his fashion sense, among other things.

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GQ’s Rick Ross Profile Is Absolutely Bonkers

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I really don't know how else else to say this to why even bother getting fancy with words: <a href="">GQ's profile of Rick Ross in its new issue</a> is the most stunningly WTF.


Clint Eastwood Speaks Out On Gay Marriage


The internet loves Clint Eastwood, as evidenced by <a href="">the Gran Torino/PBR meme</a>, which is just golden.


Aaron Rodgers Has Your GQ Right Here

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There’s a pretty big difference between Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers and New York Jets QB Mark Sanchez.


GQ Gets Larry King To Play ‘F*ck, Marry, Kill’


Last week I mentioned how GQ seems to be making a concerted effort make itself more appealing to the people of the internet.


Louis C.K. Tells GQ He Regrets Trashing Sarah Palin On Twitter, Then Trashes Her Some More


Last September, while drinking heavily on a long flight with wi-fi, Louis C.

Ken Jeong Of ‘Community’ & ‘The Hangover’ Photobombs Sexy GQ Photo Shoot

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In recent months it's become increasingly evident that GQ is making a significant effort to become more Internet-y -- more relevant among people who inhabit the web, if you will.


Chris Evans seems pretty righteous

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This is probably a little too inside baseball, but the Twittersphere is all full of <a href="" target="_blank">vinegar</a> and <a href="" target="_blank">vagina</a> <a href="" target="_blank">sand</a> today over <a href="" target="_blank">GQ writer Edith Zimmerman's profile of Chris Evans</a>, with whom she got drunk and kind of swooned over.

Rashida Jones topless

Rashida Jones Wouldn’t Mind Posing Topless For GQ, Apparently

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I pose to you, Internet, a question: Is there a woman more worthy of our love than Rashida Jones.


Confirmed: Keith Olbermann Is An Epic D*ck


Cable news person turned <a href="">internet news person</a> is pretty much universally regarded as the world's biggest d*ck, a hyper-intelligent, quick-witted being cursed with the temperament of the cobra in a bed of fire ants and a God complex whose petulant arrogance is only rivaled by the God portrayed in the Old Testament.

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