GUEST PFT COMMENTARY: ‘Better Call Saul’ Is Already Better Than ‘Breaking Bad’ Ever Was

By | 61 Comments

Hate to break it to you but the reviews are in. Better Call Saul has already bested its little brother after only two episodes.


Video: Porn Stars Weigh In On Deflate Gate

By | 17 Comments

Your favorite porn stars weigh in on your favorite controversy.


Music Critic Writes That He’d Rather Have Ebola Than Watch Florida-Georgia Line Perform ‘Bro-Country’ Songs

By | 18 Comments

A music critic obliterated Bro Country's biggest stars by writing that having Ebola would be better than seeing Florida-Georgia Line again.


Taco Bell President Brian Niccol Hosted A Reddit AMA And He Has Plenty Of Jokes

By | 6 Comments

The man behind Taco Bell's big ideas welcomed questions in a Reddit AMA and he had some pretty good jokes and answers for people.

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