In Case You Missed It, Lance Hoyt Wants To Kill Me In Real Life

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Former WWE and TNA wrestler Lance Hoyt wants to find me and murder me, so I'm putting this on the Internet just in case.


New Online Trainwreck Alert: She’s A Homewrecker, The Site Where Victims Of Affairs Can Get Revenge

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She's A Homewrecker is a website dedicated to women calling each other out for boning each other's husbands. Yes, this is legal.


This Heartwarming Father/Son Reunion During A Football Game Introduced Us To The World’s Worst Person

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Master Sergeant Joseph Martel dressed up as a football player to surprise his son on the field, and some jerk starts yelling at them for it. HUMANITY.


Here’s A Red Sox Fan Stealing A Home Run Ball From A Woman And Throwing It Back, In Case You Didn’t Hate Them Already

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An a-hole Boston Red Sox fan pried an ALCS home run ball away from a woman and threw it back, because Red Sox fans are the worst.


No, Facebook Is Not Killing Human Relationships

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Jerks keep trying to blame Facebook for their behavior, and we've just about had enough.


Florida Couple Arrested For Stealing A Copy Of ‘Grand Theft Auto V’ From A Mentally Disabled Man

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A mentally disabled man was beaten and robbed for a copy of 'Grand Theft Auto V.' GUESS WHICH STATE?!

we knew it

Science Proves It Really Is Just A Couple Of Jerks Making Your Commute Awful

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MIT studied Boston traffic and discovered that everything you have ever suspected about traffic congestion is 100% true.


Syria's Murderous D-Bag Leader Gets His Email Hacked


<a href="http://uproxx.files.wordpress.com/2012/03/shutterstock_90035200.jpg"></a>Bashar Al-Assad is, and we hope we're not being too subtle in our feelings here, a complete and total monster currently committing war crimes because the citizens of the country he rules with an iron fist <a href="http://thelede.blogs.nytimes.com/2012/03/14/video-shows-protests-in-syrias-second-city-as-war-rages-elsewhere/">would like somebody who isn't a douchebag</a>, please.

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