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Bored Russian Firefighters Made A Hovercraft, Did Not Fill It With Eels


Meanwhile in Russia, some bored firefighters passed the time by making their own working hovercraft out of fire hoses and a trampoline.

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Watch A Real-Life Rocketeer Fly Around Mt. Fuji At 185 Mph On A Homemade Jetpack

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A regular guy made his own jetpack, and holy crap, does it ever work...

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Rob Lowe Flew Around With A Jet Pack, And Now There Is Video

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Remember that picture from a few days ago of Rob Lowe using a jet pack? Guess what. NOW THERE IS VIDEO.


The Troy Hartman Jetpack


Professional aerial stuntman Troy Hartman takes flight in his jetpack prototype for the very first time.


Couple Rides Water Jetpacks at Wedding


Amanda Volf wanted to make her nuptials unique.


James Bond song with lyrics: He’ll ski on your lunch, kill you with judo

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It's about time someone gave the James Bond theme the vulgar lyrics it deserved, and for that we have Running Corners to thank.


This News Bloopers Montage Is Pure Joy

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This video of news bloopers that took place (or were uncovered) in 2011 has been making the rounds over the past day or so, but you would be an insane person to assume I wouldn't post it here.

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Live TV Jetpack Fail

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You wanna know what I like better than local news bloopers on live TV.

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