That Video That May Or May Not Be Peyton Manning Has People Buzzing

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On Friday, a very poor quality video of a guy in a white helmet throwing a football at Duke University showed up on YouTube and people were like, “Well Peyton Manning has a white helmet and he’s been hanging out at Duke, so it must be him.


Matt Millen Finally States The Obvious

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Matt Millen has three Super Bowl rings from his 12-year career as a linebacker in the NFL, but he will never be remembered for that.



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Football writer Scott Kacsmar took a look at the concept of what actually constitutes a "comeback" in NFL terms and found that, since comebacks are not kept as an official NFL stat, the PR departments of certain teams were free to make up any definition they pleased.


King James’ ultimate highlight

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Add another bit of history to the LeBron James career highlight reel, which will some day challenge Mike, Vince, Kobe, Barry Sanders and Reggie Bush (the stuff he did in high school and college was just unreal) as the greatest in the history of sports highlight reels.


Orlando steals Game 1; Blake Griffin gets some bad news

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Can't chalk it up to rust; the Cavs came out firing on all cylinders right from the get-go, and dominated the Magic for most of the first three quarters.


Hawks rain on Heat in Game 7; Nuggets keep rolling in Game 1

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Game 7 of Hawks/Heat ended up being a(nother) blowout, but it at least offered a helpful reminder of how small the margin for error can be in the playoffs.

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