John Elway Surprised A Cab Driver Who Had Just Named The Broncos GM The Best Quarterback Ever

If there’s one thing cab drivers are opinionated about, it’s sports. Maybe it’s because they listen to sports talk radio while they’re driving around, but many cabbies (and Uber and Lyft drivers) love nothing more than asking or telling you who you think is going to win it all this year, or who’s the best at such and such. But one D.C. cabbie got the shock of his life when his pick for greatest QB ever, John Elway, was sitting in the back of his cab.

Elway and his wife were in town with mortgage magnate Glenn Stearns and his wife to attend Donald Trump’s inauguration when the Stearnses seemingly initiated a conversation about who the cab driver, named Sam Snow, thought was the best to ever throw a pigskin. Snow, clad in a garish Steelers jacket, said he had to give it up for Elway (although he resisted the strange insistence from his passengers that he might find Elway attractive). Elway himself played it cool, merely flashing his trademark gigantic smile through it all.

The reveal is pretty great, as Snow seems truly shocked to find Elway in his cab, and we’re sure he was relieved that he didn’t admit to any latent attraction to the man. Still was weird for the Stearnses to press him on it though.