The Columbus Dispatch Had A Brain Fart In Reporting Last Night’s Broncos/Ravens Game

Oh, Ohio. As your native son Alex said yesterday in reference to the THC-smitten state of Colorado, don’t ever change.

As it turns out, Danny Trevathan wasn’t the only guy involved with the game who had a “wanna get away?” moment. The Columbus Dispatch let Ryan J. down when they reported John Elway threw those record-tying seven touchdown passes last night, not Peyton Manning.

On one hand, the game did end late, and Lord knows I’ve been victim of my fair share of cringe-worthy moments with a keyboard. This is in print though. There’s no logging in, making the changes, hitting “update” on WordPress and going about your day. At least 2-3 people had to have read this headline before being shipped off to press and it still made it by gatekeepers.

The result? The iconic industry that is print journalism takes another small L. However, if you’re one of those guys who had Peyton Manning on your fantasy squad last night, congratulations on your Week 1 victory.

Photo: Twitter