How to draw John Elway



With the Broncos postseason meltdown in full force it seems like an appropriate time to revisit my irrational hatred of John Elway. Dave Rappoccio fun fact, my first ever article on this site almost two years was about Mr. Elway.  These days, I’m still pretty mean to Mr. Elway, even if now it’s mostly attempts to make Spilly cry.

But It’s also been a while since we had a good solid drawing lesson, so here I am to further educate you fine folks on how to draw Seabiscuit himself. As always, if you haven’t read my previous lessons, it would be advisable because we are getting into detailed advanced territory and you probably want to start at the beginner levels.

Lesson 1: Peyton Manning
Lesson 2: Andy Reid
Lesson 3: Tom Brady
Lesson 4: Jay Cutler
Lesson 5: Mike Glennon
Lesson 6: Peter King

With that knowledge brimming about your beautiful noggin, it’s time to learn how to draw John Elway


My next lesson will be how to draw Cardale Jones holding a meaningless press conference