This Sleepy Baseball Fan Is Suing The MLB And ESPN Over Hurt Feelings

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A fan is suing ESPN and Major League Baseball for $10 million because John Kruk and Dan Shulman made fun of him for sleeping at a game.


For Absolutely No Reason, Here's John Kruk Eating Ribs In Slow Motion

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The Big Lead has done a lot for the online sports blogging community, but its finest work may be this clip of John Kruk eating ribs during last night's Home Run Derby.


Philly Dot Com Sports Has Balls

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lol That's the real, actual headline from today's Paul Hagen piece on Philly.com about what a fun and affable guy John Kruk was during his days in Philadelphia.


Chicago Cubs Sign Donkey Lips

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I wonder if sometimes Major League Baseball scouts get tired of evaluating potential and dissecting physical minutia and just want to say "f**k it" and sign the biggest, fattest, hardest hitting guy they can find.

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