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06.17.11 3 Comments


That’s the real, actual headline from today’s Paul Hagen piece on about what a fun and affable guy John Kruk was during his days in Philadelphia. My first reaction was “come on, that’s got to be on purpose, right” but the article itself doesn’t make any jokes or further mention of it, so I have to lean toward “hilarious mistake”. I almost called this post “John Kruk Nut Gaffe”.

In case you haven’t made a joke in the last 17 years, Kruk had a bout with testicular cancer back in ’94, leading to the removal of one of his testicles. That’s the entire joke. It’s not funny that a guy had to get one of his balls scooped, but it’s an omnipresent observation on Kruk, leading to tons of hilarious, prophetic headlines like the classic to your right from Baseball Digest. Kruk could give a billion dollars to St. Jude’s Hospital and something about his semi-junk would subconsciously creep into the headline.

Of course, is the website for both the Philadelphia Inquirer (the classy paper) and the Daily News (the tabloidy one), so sometimes they run a little risque. Maybe Hagen just crushed a funny headline. I hope it doesn’t get removed.

sh*t wait

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