“It’s Cheaper To Keep Her…”

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Pic snagged from <a href="">Necole</a> Lil homie better get to churning out a few records or touring (please remember your lyrics; your financial future is on the line).


“Drunk By Myself…”

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"It's Tipsy Nas in your area.

Tons Of Friends

Crookers Feat. Kelis – “No Security” Video

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First <a href="">the song</a>, now a twacked out video to accompany it.

Tons Of Friends

Crookers Feat. Kelis – “No Security”

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Want to guarantee yourself a sizzling track that will make the hard rocks bob their heads to the beat.


Jack Splash – “Baatin (Missin’ U…)”

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If there was ever a self-explanatory song title, "Baatin (Missin' U.


Jack Splash – “Lauryn Hill” x “In The Future”

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<a href="">Jack Splash's</a> upcoming album will be the prolific producer's foray into microphone duties, neither as the singer in Plantlife that they ladies love nor producer extraordinaire.

#Jay Z

Where’s Nas?

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Jay is going to do numbers.

The Neptunes Present Clones

The iPod Shuffle – “Popular Thug”

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Things weren't always <a href="">sour between</a> <a href="">Nas & Kelis</a>.


“You Owe Me”

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Stay scheming, daydreaming.


Video: “I Date You So Much Right Now”


This topic dominated <a href="">the Alchemist review</a> and now Jeff, Eric and estranged brother Dan (they exiled him to Cleveland) poke fun at the Jones' child support extortion case.


Gimme The Loot, Gimme The Loot!

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And you thought your monthly child support payment was hefty.

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