“It’s Cheaper To Keep Her…”

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Pic snagged from Necole Lil homie better get to churning out a few records or touring (please remember your lyrics; your financial future is on the line).


“Drunk By Myself…”

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"It's Tipsy Nas in your area.

Tons Of Friends

Crookers Feat. Kelis – “No Security” Video

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First the song, now a twacked out video to accompany it.

Tons Of Friends

Crookers Feat. Kelis – “No Security”

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Want to guarantee yourself a sizzling track that will make the hard rocks bob their heads to the beat.


Jack Splash – “Baatin (Missin’ U…)”

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If there was ever a self-explanatory song title, "Baatin (Missin' U.


Jack Splash – “Lauryn Hill” x “In The Future”

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Jack Splash's upcoming album will be the prolific producer's foray into microphone duties, neither as the singer in Plantlife that they ladies love nor producer extraordinaire.

#Jay Z

Where’s Nas?

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Jay is going to do numbers.


“You Owe Me”

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Stay scheming, daydreaming.


Video: “I Date You So Much Right Now”


This topic dominated the Alchemist review and now Jeff, Eric and estranged brother Dan (they exiled him to Cleveland) poke fun at the Jones' child support extortion case.


Gimme The Loot, Gimme The Loot!

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And you thought your monthly child support payment was hefty.

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