Mario Balotelli’s New Custom Shoes Are Pretty Awesome


AC Milan striker Mario Balotelli wore a custom pair of boots that were covered in newspaper and tabloid headlines about him.


Mario Balotelli Leads AC Milan In Hissy Fits


If AC Milan star Mario Balotelli is best known for anything it’s being an amazing soccer player.


Don’t Worry, Mario Balotelli – Nobody Will Ever Know That You’re In That Bentley

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Italian soccer star Mario Balotelli is only 22-years old, and as the face and presumable future of Manchester City and the Italian National Team, it’s safe to say that he has a long career ahead of him.


5-Year-Old Recreates Mario Balotelli Celebration


The most adorable recreation of an excessive celebration you'll see all day.


Follow-Up: Mario Balotelli Really Handled Losing The Euro 2012 Tournament Well

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Perhaps we jumped the gun a little when it was reported that Mario Balotelli – just one day after Italy lost to Spain in the Euro 2012 Final – was ready to embrace his role as a proud daddy when his ex-girlfriend Raffaella Fico announced that she was pregnant with his baby.


7.3 The Cooler

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Chris Brown Vs.


Mario Balotelli Didn't Need To Win Euro 2012

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Italy may have had its meatballs snipped off by Spain with a 4-0 loss in the Euro 2012 Final, but that doesn’t mean it’s all misery and depression for Mario Balotelli and Co.


Mario Balotelli Is An Ape, Says Totally Not Racist Italian Newspaper

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Soccer racism is something we rarely talk about at With Leather, because 1) it's one of those ridiculous, inexcusable traditions hanging on as "part of the sport" because people in Europe never officially got a Civil Rights movement, and 2) we never write about soccer.


Mario Balotelli Offered Euro 2012 Fans A Friendly Heads Up

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While most parody Twitter accounts simply bring us incredibly accurate portrayals of NFL quarterbacks, an account dedicated to Italian striker Mario Balotelli actually helped spread a friendly reminder earlier this morning to aspiring European soccer hooligans.


The Greater Goal: Messi’s Free Kick Or Ronaldo’s Backheel?

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Michael Jordan didn't give fair warning when he jammed home a missed Scottie Pippen free throw.


Mario Balotelli & Manchester City Destroy Manchester United 6-1

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In the "Subway Series of Soccer," Manchester City trampled Manchester United 6-1 on Sunday to prove they weren't pretenders but contenders for the Premier League Crown.

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Morning Links: Hey, This Doesn’t Look So Bad

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It sorta looks like somebody broke in and stole our furniture, but at least we don't have an "under construction" gif at the top of the page anywhere.


Mario Is Missing

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Soccer is extremely bipolar.


A Black Italian Does Not Exist…

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The beauty of sports is that they often force folks to confront racial, social and economic issues head-on.

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