Mario Balotelli’s New Custom Shoes Are Pretty Awesome

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No, not those shoes, Mario.

No, not those shoes, Mario.

AC Milan superduperstar Mario Balotelli is reportedly being wooed by three of the biggest shoe companies in the world, as Nike, adidas and Puma are all vying to have the striker be the face of their expensive-as-all-hell soccer boots. But a lot of different buzz about those boots has led people to believe that he has chosen Puma’s new Silo, because that’s what he appeared to be wearing when he busted out these custom headline shoes that include nothing but newspaper and tabloid fodder about his own sometimes strange antics.

Balotelli's shoes 1

Balotelli's shoes 2

Sadly, I see that Balotelli chose to leave out the jokes that I made about his camouflage Bentley, and that’s fine, because whatever, dude. I’m an adult and I can take the hate. Just stay tuned for my new pair of orthopedic boat shoes covered with pictures of me frowning.

(Images via Getty, H/T to Fabio Manfreda)

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