Follow-Up: Mario Balotelli Really Handled Losing The Euro 2012 Tournament Well

Perhaps we jumped the gun a little when it was reported that Mario Balotelli – just one day after Italy lost to Spain in the Euro 2012 Final – was ready to embrace his role as a proud daddy when his ex-girlfriend Raffaella Fico announced that she was pregnant with his baby. After all, it would require a great deal of certainty on his part that the child is indeed his, as they’d been broken up for a few months. Also, she didn’t announce it, so much as she sold the story to tabloids.

Plus, he’s only 21-years old, incredibly wealthy, and one of the most famous soccer superstars on the planet. So yeah, on second thought, he’d like to see a paternity test first.

But today he said in statement that he would only ”accept full responsibility” for the baby after a DNA test proved he was the father.

”I will accept full responsibility after a paternity test. I don’t really want to speak publicly about my private life but I find that I have to explain once and for all, the nature of my relationship with Raffaella Fico.” (Via the Sun)

Well that’s a very mature and reasonable way of looking at it. What’s that, he’s not done? Okay, well go right on, Mario.

“We split up in April and since then we have not seen or spoken to each other.

“I had nothing more to do with Raffaella’s life and she had nothing more to do with mine.

“Raffaella knew then and she knows now, that I have no intention of getting back together with her.

“Out of respect for her I have never spoken about our relationship, even when things have been said that are not true.

“I don’t understand why Raffaella did not contact me to tell me about this – and I also find it disappointing that money is already being made from this with photographs and interviews being bought and sold.

“I believe that Raffaella is already famous enough without having to exploit this story for publicity.”

Famous, of course, because she’s an incredibly talented actress, singer, dancer, model, neurosurgeon, and chemist. Wait, no. Sorry, I spilled coffee on the paper and misread it. It’s because she dated Balotelli after she dated Cristiano Ronaldo. That’s why she’s famous.

But now Raffaella’s brother, and my favorite Kids in the Hall character, Francisco Fico, is all, “Yo Mario, you can’t question my perfectly innocent sister’s claims that the baby is yours, bro.”

“To learn that Balotelli wants a DNA test is offensive and shows a total lack of respect towards my sister. Raffaella is very stressed out about all this and she is in a bad way. If I had Balotelli in front of me I would tell him ’Grow up and take responsibility for being a father.’”

And then, I assume, Balotelli would say, “No. Here’s a pee cup and my lawyer’s phone number.” And then he’d probably go hang out at the VIP Room night club in St. Tropez with random beauty queens, because that’s exactly what he’s been doing.

(Images via the Sun.)