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Saturday Night Live Made Fun Of The Whole Mike Rice Scandal


In perhaps the most shocking development of the Rutgers men’s basketball scandal, which featured now-former head coach Mike Rice physically and verbally abusing players, <a href="">Saturday Night Live produced a sketch about it within a week of it taking place</a>.


Rutgers Basketball Coach: Spider-Killing Hero


Raw practice footage shows shamed basketball coach <a href="">Mike Rice</a> was actually protecting his players from a race of super spiders.


SNL: Coach Sheila Kelly


Outside the Lines breaks a story about a women's basketball coach who makes shamed Rutgers coach <a href="">Mike Rice</a> look gentle.


Rutgers Fires Coach Mike Rice Over Reports Of Player Abuse, Violent Behavior

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Former Rutgers Men's Basketball Mike Rice received his walking papers Wednesday after footage of his abusive coaching style aired on ESPN's Outside The Lines.


My Favorite BlazerDancer? Probably The 70-Year Old In The Satin Jacket


Because YOLO, here's Portland Trail Blazers color commentator Mike Rice donning a satin jacket and a pair of sunglasses to do "the Gangnam" and "the Dougie" with the BlazerDancers.

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