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Square Enix’s Next ‘Hitman’ Game Is… ‘Hitman Go?’

By | 5 Comments

Hitman Go sounds like a bad anime, but it's actually Hitman conceived as a board game.

angry birds stella

‘Angry Birds Stella’ Hopes You Really Like Birds

By | 4 Comments

'Angry Birds Stella': This time they're female. No, we will not sink to a joke about how they're chicks. We're classy here.

mobile games

Rocket Jump’s Mobile Squad Nails The Annoyance Of Touch Controls

By | 5 Comments

'Mobile Squad' is rough, ready, and completely incapable of shooting straight. HOO-RAW!


Why Mobile Gaming Is Becoming Its Own Type Of Video Game

By | 3 Comments

Mobile gaming is becoming a genre unto itself. And that's great news for gamers.

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