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NBC Picked Their Next Musical, Ordered Amy Poehler’s Pilot With Natasha Lyonne

By | 24 Comments

The good? Amy Poehler. The bad? Pretty much everything else.


This Cover Of ‘I’ll Be There For You’ Will Make You Long For ‘Friends’

By | 19 Comments

Three unknown Irish guys are becoming viral hitmakers with this melodic cover of 'I'll Be There For You,' the theme song from 'Friends.'


Amy Poehler On The 100th Episode Of ‘Parks And Rec’: ‘This Is Not A Goodbye, It’s The Halfway Point’

By | 11 Comments

In a cake-cutting celebration for the 100th episode of 'Parks and Recreation,' Amy Poehler and Michael Schur shared some words on their achievement.


Let’s Get To Know The Newest ‘SNL’ Cast Member, Sasheer Zamata, Through Her Tumblr

By | 9 Comments

On Saturday Sasheer Zamata is set to become a household name. Get to know her a bit here first.

Alan Moore

NBC Is Conjuring A Pilot For The ‘Constantine’ TV Show

By | 18 Comments

NBC has ordered a pilot episode for 'Constantine', based on the cynical British con-man and magician turned supernatural detective John Constantine.


We’re Not Sure You Know What The Word ‘Surprise’ Means, ‘Parks And Recreation’

By | 16 Comments

The Twitter account for 'Parks and Recreation' Tweeted an otherwise blatant spoiler for this week's episode, but it can't be that obvious, can it?


An Open Letter To The Golden Globes Censor Who Missed Tina Fey’s Leonardo DiCaprio Joke

By | 9 Comments

Tina Fey's Leonardo DiCaprio joke was one of the best moments at the Golden Globes. Here's an open letter to the censor who missed it.


NBC Picked Up A Pilot From ‘Happy Endings’ Creator David Caspe

By | 17 Comments

NBC has undoubtedly made some 'Happy Endings' fans pleased by picking up the pilot for the sitcom 'Marry Me' from David Caspe.


Watch A 1997 Conan Episode Taped In Front Of An Audience Of Kids

By | 9 Comments

I'm not sure what compelled Conan and his staff at the time to tape a show in front of an audience of children, but the end result is amazing.


Hulu’s New ‘Community’ Promos Prove Once And For All Hulu Gets ‘Community’ Better Than Its Own Network

By | 31 Comments

These new and most excellent Greendale testimonial posters prove once and for all Hulu gets Community and its fans.


Must Watch: This Perd Hapley Musical Opening To The ‘Parks And Recreation’ 100th Episode Special

By | 14 Comments

Come for the Perd Hapley musical number, stay for the Parks and Recreation cast reliving their favorite moments in show history.


The Ratings For ‘Community’ Are Way Up! And Way Down! Math!

By | 38 Comments

Well, the ratings are in for the season premiere of "Community." There's good news and bad news.


NBC Celebrates The Return Of ‘Community’ By Proving It’s Still Terrible At Promoting ‘Community’

By | 25 Comments

Oh, NBC. Even when you attempt to give one of your best programs the promotion it deserves, you manage to screw it up.


Dan Harmon Was 'Blown Away' To See Some Of His Ideas Used During Season 4 Of 'Community'

By | 34 Comments

According to Dan Harmon, a number of his ideas that he considered " too difficult a creative challenge" were attempted during Season 4 of "Community."


Unravel The Mysteries Behind 'Community' Season Five With This Fantastic 'Mad Men' Mash-Up

By | 6 Comments

'Community' takes a page from 'Mad Men' and stays barely coherent in this new trailer for season five that may or may not feature Sharon Tate's ghost.


Get Into The After-Holiday Spirit With This Festive Animated Trailer For Season Five Of ‘Community’

By | 6 Comments

Get into the holiday spirit with this festive animated 'Community' trailer and be sure to return after the holidays to actually watch the show.


‘Community’ Has A ‘Really Good, Really Funny Reason’ For Donald Glover’s Character’s Exit

By | 16 Comments

The 'Community' cast discussed Donald Glover's exit from the show and a few small details about how it will go down.

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