A Very Unagi And Scientific Ranking Of The Worst Male Characters On ‘Friends’

By | 57 Comments

We used a very serious and legitimate scientific method to rank the worst male characters from the beloved NBC series 'Friends.'


NBC Is Launching A Contest To Have Viewers Pitch Sitcom Ideas To Them. No, Seriously.

By | 38 Comments

NBC has completely thrown in the towel and is now asking for viewer submissions for sitcom ideas. WE ARE NOT MAKING THIS UP.


Details Of The ‘Constantine’ Pilot Supposedly Leak

By | 9 Comments

'Constantine' has a pilot script, read by the Internet... but is it any good?


Feed Your Nostalgia With The Epic ‘G.I. Joe’ Opening From Tonight’s ‘Community’

By | 39 Comments

You'll almost feel like you changed to the wrong channel until you realize it's just 'Community' being awesome.

Law & Order: SVU

NBC Is The Proud Owner Of Websites Like And

By | 7 Comments

It turns out NBC has to register all the creepy URLs they use on "Law & Order: SVU." This is hilarious.

Alan Moore

Here's The First Official Image Of Matt Ryan as John Constantine

By | 9 Comments

NBC released the first picture of Matt Ryan as John Constantine, the cynical British con-man and magician turned supernatural detective.

comedy series

Casting News: Mary Louise Parker Is Going To Star In A Single-Camera Comedy For NBC

By | 6 Comments

Good news? Mary Louise Parker is getting a sitcom. Bad news? NBC will probably find a way to ruin it.

Alan Moore

NBC Chooses The New ‘Constantine’, And It Isn’t Keanu Reeves

By | 4 Comments

NBC chooses a lead actor for 'Constantine', based on the cynical British con-man and magician turned supernatural detective John Constantine.

Heroes: Reborn

NBC Decides That Bringing Back ‘Heroes’ Is The Idea That Will Save Their Network

By | 64 Comments

NBC canceled 'Heroes' in 2010 after a promising start was muddled by the WGA writer's strike. Now the network aims to try again with a new miniseries event.

Adam McKay

Krysten Ritter Will Star In Will Ferrell’s Astronaut Comedy On NBC

By | 21 Comments

It's like "Anchorman," but on TV and with Krysten Ritter.


‘The Hapley Group’ Is NBC’s Methadone For Our ‘Parks And Recreation’ Addictions

By | 7 Comments

With the Winter Olympics screwing us out of new 'Parks and Recreation' episodes, NBC at least made this webisode for 'The Hapley Group.'


Elisha Cuthbert Will Return To TV As A Lesbian In NBC’s ‘One Big Happy’

By | 8 Comments

Elisha Cuthbert can't stay away from comedies with "Happy" in the title.

2014 winter olympics

An Atlanta NBC Anchor Took Christin Cooper To Task For Her Bode Miller Interview

By | 5 Comments

Brenda Wood of Atlanta's NBC affiliate had some harsh words for Christin Cooper's interview of Bode Miller at the Winter Olympics.

2014 winter olympics

NBC’s Olympics Executive Producer Isn’t Sorry For Making Us Watch Bode Miller Cry

By | 14 Comments

Jim Bell, the executive producer of NBC's 2014 Winter Olympics broadcast, said that he's not sorry that Christin Cooper pushed Bode Miller to tears.

2014 winter olympics

NBC Is Having A Hard Time Identifying Flags For The Winter Olympics

By | 4 Comments

As the 2014 Winter Olympics has been a comedy of errors, even NBC's graphics department has been having a hard time identifying flags.

2014 winter olympics

NBC’s Interview With Bode Miller At The Winter Olympics Was Just Flat Out Awful

By | 19 Comments

While people should have been celebrating Bode Miller's bronze medal win, they were mostly cursing NBC's Christin Cooper for pushing him to tears.


‘Conan’ Reveals The Horrifying Truth Behind Matt Lauer Replacing Bob Costas At The Sochi Olympics

By | 2 Comments

The horrifying truth behind Bob Costas' eyes is revealed in this 'Conan' exclusive.


Bob Costas’ Eyes Are The Latest Casualty Of The Sochi Winter Olympics

By | 18 Comments

Is Bob Costas battling pink eye? Or is he battling a mean case of the munchies?

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