‘Kenan,’ ‘Naomi,’ ‘Charmed’ And Dozens Of Other Shows Have All Been Axed By Their Networks

It’s not just streaming services that are canceling your favorite shows: cable TV is also struggling. Who would have thought! Today, NBC, The CW, and CBS axed over a dozen shows, including some fan favorites, and some shows that barely saw the light of day.

The CW announced the end of Ava DuVernay’s superhero series Naomi, which debuted in January. Despite the hype, the series was unable to get off the ground after premiering during the Olympics, though Deadline reports it still has time to be picked up by another network. Charmed, The 4400, Dynasty In The Dark, and Roswell, New Mexico were all cut which begs the question: when is it Riverdale’s time to die?

Following The CW, NBC canceled Demi Lovato’s ill-fated series Hungry before the pilot even aired, Kenan Thompson’s family sitcom Kenan was also let go after two seasons, along with Ted Danson’s Mr. Mayor and the action drama The Endgame.

If you thought CBS was safe, you would be wrong: United States Of Al and B Positive were also canceled, though, if you said you had never heard of them, you wouldn’t be alone in that. Paramount+, also owned by CBS, has nixed Magnum P.I., Good Sam, and How We Roll which was apparently a show about a professional bowler.

All in all, it’s been a tough day for anyone who still watches cable. But don’t worry! NCIS is still coming back for season 20, so not all is lost!