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North Korea Allegedly Hacked Sony Pictures Over Seth Rogen And James Franco’s ‘The Interview’

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Sony Pictures is exploring North Korea as a possible connection to a recent cyber attack linked to threats over new film 'The Interview'.

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North Korea Called Seth Rogen And James Franco’s New Movie ‘Evil’

By | 2 Comments

Who needs marketing when you've got such ringing endorsements as, "[An] evil act of provocation [that deserves] stern punishment"?

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Dennis Rodman Is Responsible For The Release Of The North Korean Detainees, Says Dennis Rodman

By | 4 Comments

Dennis Rodman is taking credit for the release of hostages in North Korea.

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Watch Seth Rogen And James Franco Cause International Mayhem In The Red Band Trailer For ‘The Interview’

By | 6 Comments

Get a better look at what sort of raunchy surprises await this Christmas with the red band trailer for 'The Interview.'


Bob Sapp Is Going To Bring Diplomacy To North Korea Through Pro Wrestling

By | 5 Comments

Bob Sapp and Antonio Inoki are headed to North Korea for wrestling and diplomacy


Sony Is Altering ‘The Interview’ To Avoid Offending North Korea

By | 42 Comments

After talking tough early on, 'The Interview's Japanese owners are now making changes to the film to avoid making North Korea bomb-level angry.

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Kim Jong-Un Won’t Be Happy About The International Trailer For ‘The Interview’

By | 8 Comments

The new international trailer for 'The Interview' is packed with a little more action, as James Franco and Seth Rogen battle North Korea.


Did North Korea Actually ‘Threaten War’ Over Seth Rogen/James Franco Film?

By | 14 Comments

Did North Korea really "threaten war" over Seth Rogen and James Franco's 'The Interview?' We've got the press release so you can decide for yourself.


Siskel And Juche: North Korea Condemns Seth Rogen But Also These Films

By | 12 Comments

The North Korean regime recently expressed outrage over the Seth Rogen/James Franco vehicle, "The Interview." Here are some lesser-known works that the autocratic regime is similarly unpleased with.

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James Franco And Seth Rogen Want To Assassinate Kim Jong-Un In The Trailer For ‘The Interview’

By | 11 Comments

In the new trailer for 'The Interview,' Lizzy Caplan recruits Seth Rogen and James Franco to assassinate Kim Jong-Un for the CIA.

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North Korea Is Recruiting Global Pro Wrestling Icons For A Huge Summer Event

By | 7 Comments

North Korea is teaming up with former pro wrestler Kanji Inoki to bring a huge wrestling event to Pyongyang in August.

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Check Out The Trailer For ‘Glorious Leader!,’ A Video Game About Kim Jong-Un

By | 9 Comments

Atlanta's Moneyhorse Games is developing 'Glorious Leader!' as a game that tells the story of Kim Jong-Un's rise to global power.


A London Hair Salon Made Fun Of Kim Jong-Un’s Hair And Received A Visit From His Goons

By | 7 Comments

A London hairdresser invoked the wrath of Kim Jong-Un over a hilarious advertisement for his salon.


All Of The Men In North Korea Must Now Have The Same Stupid-Looking Kim Jong-Un Haircut

By | 11 Comments

If you're a guy in North Korea, it's time to get yourself a haircut. I'm sure it'll come out looking fabulous in a terrifying way.


Kim Jong Un Was Reelected Unanimously In North Korea By Kim Jong Un

By | 3 Comments

Kim Jong Un unsurprisingly won reelection in North Korea. Thanks, Obama.


And Here Come The Apologies From Dennis Rodman

By | 6 Comments

Dennis Rodman has apologized for his behavior on a CNN appearance and to the family of Kenneth Bae, admitting that he was drunk and overwhelmed.


Dennis Rodman Went Off On CNN’s Chris Cuomo About Why Kenneth Bae Is Guilty

By | 22 Comments

In an interview with CNN's Chris Cuomo, Dennis Rodman started to explain why Kenneth Bae is actually guilty before he just started shouting.


REPORT: Kim Jong Un Executed His Uncle By Feeding Him To Starving Dogs

By | 25 Comments

Kim Jong Un is a goddamn Bond villain. This pretty much confirms it.

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