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Watch President Barack Obama Take Over ‘The Colbert Report’ To Give His Own Version Of ‘The Word’

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The special D.C. episode of 'The Colbert Report' didn't disappoint, especially once Barack Obama managed to take over for Stephen Colbert.

Zach Galifianakis

The Story Of How Bradley Cooper Saved Obamacare

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The Obama White House achieved its goal of getting 7 million people to sign up for Obamacare by April 1. They have Bradley Cooper to thank for it.

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Watch Adam Scott Reprise His Role As Derek From 'Step Brothers' To Sell You Obamacare

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Adam Scott steps back into Derek's leather jacket to get people registered at Healthcare.gov.

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LeBron James, Obamacare’s Newest Pitchman

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Obama's calling on all his famous friends to pitch in to bring uninsured to Affordable Care Act before deadline.

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Please Allow Richard Simmons To Explain Through Bizarre Dance Why You Should Sign Up For Obamacare

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Thinking about signing up for Obamacare? Richard Simmons is here to convince you to do it, with his weird dancing.


‘The Daily Show’ Exposes The Absurd Bro-Centric Strategies Of The Opposing Obamacare Camps

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Aasif Mandvi discovers the youth outreach programs of pro- and anti-Obamacare groups are equally ridiculous.


Obamacare Website Girl Says She Was Relentlessly Cyberbullied By Anti-Obamacare Morons

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The world is full of stupid people. Those who harassed this poor woman because a stock photo of her appeared on the Obamacare website are among the stupidest.


These ‘Got Insurance?’ Ads For Obamacare Are Sure To Get People Talking

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Two groups in Colorado created a series of 'Got Insurance?' ads to promote Obamacare and the response hasn't necessarily been great.


This Miami Hurricanes Anti-Obamacare Tailgate Party Was Off The Hook

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Generation Opportunity traded free food and cornhole for signatures on their "Opt Out" petition against Obamacare before the Miami Hurricanes game Saturday.


‘Lying Like Motherf*ckers': Jon Stewart Rips Into Everyone For Being Big Fat Liars About Obamacare

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Taking a stance on the Affordable Care Act -- one way or the other -- is the anti-sodium pentothal.

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Here’s Why Only Six People Were Able To Enroll In Obamacare The Day Healthcare.gov Launched

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The Affordable Care Act did not get to a great start online. But there's more to that clumsy launch than you might think.


Suzanne Somers Wrote An Error-Filled WSJ Op-Ed Calling Obamacare A ‘Socialist Ponzi Scheme’

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For some reason the WSJ let Suzanne Somers write an op-ed as an "expert" answering the question, "What will the Affordable Care Act mean for retirees?"


'Welcome To Obamacare, You Fat Piece Of Sh*t': Jon Stewart Found The Perfect Guy To Run HealthCare.gov

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Jofi Jseph's actions weren't exactly "ethical" but he is good at computers and drawing eyeballs, so...


Watch Stephen Colbert Visit A New Jersey Food Bank To Apply For Obamacare, Mercilessly Torment Everyone

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With the Obamacare website a complete disaster, Stephen Colbert pokes holes in the in-person application process.


Jon Stewart Ripped Apart The Obamacare Rollout On ‘The Daily Show’

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Jon Stewart and company were finally able to address the Obamacare rollout disaster, and they came out swinging.

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