Jimmy Kimmel’s Latest Healthcare Comment Takes A Clever Path To Show His Support For ‘Trumpcare’

Jimmy Kimmel has become quite the focal point for the ongoing health care debate in the U.S., using his own situation with his newborn son to go to bat for Americans who would be undercut by the GOP efforts to repeal Obamacare. While it isn’t known how much effect Kimmel had on those voting on the measures in Congress, his influence on the public is not in question. The same engine that gets countless parents to prank their kids over Halloween candy was also running a tough campaign against the potential repeal of the ACA, especially the portion that used his name in an effort to score political points.

But now it might seem that Kimmel has changed his tune. He’s faced the horrors of Room 101, he’s survived being hunted by stalkers on the streets of LA, and now he is ready to support Trumpcare. He’s even put together an ad that aims to get other people behind Trumpcare, showing them what it offers and how it really is a great deal for America. It’s an entire effort to get folks to head over to healthcare.gov and sign up for Trumpcare while it is in open enrollment.

While it does seem like Kimmel has been replaced by a pod person — and a lot of folks in the YouTube comments are reacting like he has — this is all just a clever way to inform people that it is currently time to enroll in the ACA and using Trump’s name to turn this “complete disaster” into a shiny golden triumph of dealmaking and political machismo. Obamacare was terrible, just poorly executed at all turns according to its many critics. You won’t hear the same about this version of Trumpcare, even if it is the exact same plan as its lesser, crappier predecessor.

Now we just have to wait and see if Fox And Friends gives this serious coverage in the morning. While Trump is touring Asia at the moment, he is surely recording all of these episodes to watch on Air Force One and this should come as a pleasant surprise.

(Via Jimmy Kimmel Live)