Meet The Octopus Who Stole A Filmmaker’s Camera And Took His Picture


The cephalopod also managed to take a few selfies before everything went blurry.


‘Better Call Saul’ Co-Creator Peter Gould Is Developing A Wall Street Film For HBO

The film is set to be based on 'Octopus: Sam Israel, the Secret Market and Wall Street’s Wildest Con.'


A Photographer Managed To Capture This Epic Brawl Between A Seal And An Octopus

The scuffle broke out near Ogden Point in Victoria, Canada this past week.


This Adorable Little Robot Octopus Is The Fastest Underwater Vehicle


By imitating how an octopus travels, we've created an adorable robot that can beat a Porsche.


Meet The Octopus That’s Also An Escape Artist


This octopus escapes from a jar the simple way: By unscrewing it from the inside.


Here Are Some True Facts About The Octopus, The Floppy Floppy Spider Of The Sea

Ze Frank returns to tell us all about the octopus. Also known as the floppy floppy spider of the sea.


Houdini Octopus

A large octopus makes an improbable escape through the tiniest crack on a boat.


Sea Lion vs. Octopus

Ride shotgun with a sea lion as it does battle with an ink-spouting octopus, a confrontation that had never been seen before Nat Geo's Crittercam captured this footage.


The Incredible Mimic Octopus

The mimic octopus can turn itself into everything from coral to a poisonous snake to a furry turkey.


Octopus Squeezes Out of Beer Bottle

An octopus squirms its way out of a beer bottle off the coast of Australia.

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Fiona Apple Wears An Octopus On Her Head In 'Every Single Night' Video

In his review of Fiona Apple's show at SXSW, Brandon at With Leather noted that Apple's first new album in years was due out in June and would hopefully "lead to a sort-of cultural relevancy rebirth for Apple.

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Chewbacca And The Links

50 Actual Items That You Can Buy To Celebrate The Royal Wedding [Uproxx] Obama releases long form birth certificate, America jumps the stupid shark [Uproxx] How Does Coffee Really Hurt You.


Nightmare Fuel of the Day: Prosthetic Tentacle Arms

Cthulhu fhtagn Kaylene Kau, an industrial designer from Seattle, Washington, created the prosthetic arm seen above.

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