A Photographer Managed To Capture This Epic Brawl Between A Seal And An Octopus

02.14.15 5 years ago

Bob Ianson and his family were out strolling by Ogden Point in Victoria, Canada when a fight broke out right in front of them. It wasn’t your usual street scuffle, however: A harbor seal was straight-up wrestling a huge octopus. Per CBC News:

“It was unbelievable,” Ianson said. “That seal is probably, I don’t know, four-and-a-half feet long? So that octopus is a pretty big octopus.”

Ianson said the fight drew a crowd of several dozen people, and was just a metre or two offshore.

“It was almost like the seal was bringing the octopus up the surface to show off what he had,” he said.

As it turns out, the clashing of the two sea creatures isn’t exactly uncommon, according to the Vancouver Aquarium:

“Octopus is a regular part of the harbour seal’s diet,” said aquarium research biologist Chad Nordstrom. “Actually capturing it on film is the rare thing.”

Below, check out Ianson’s photos of the epic brawl, followed by a short news clip from CTV.

For those that wonder what all this activity is surrounding the seal and the octopus…here's a pretty good overview.

Posted by Bob Ianson on Wednesday, February 11, 2015

[Via CBC News and Facebook]

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