Meet The Octopus That’s Also An Escape Artist

Octopi are among the most fascinating animals on the planet, and not just because ZeFrank made a video about them. They’re clever, unique creatures capable of pulling off some really weird stunts. Like, say, escaping from a jar by unscrewing it from the inside.

Yep, octopi are not only squishier than you, they’re smarter and more capable than David Blaine. Admittedly that’s a low bar, but even so, this video is still awesome:

Probably the best part is when the lid floats off and the octopus decides that he likes it in his jar, just screw that “lid” noise. He’s like a cat, but squishy! And poisonous! And aquatic!

If you’re wondering how this is even possible, well, biologists have been arguing about that for years. Octopi have shown evidence of both short and long term memory and may have demonstrated observational learning in the lab, which is hotly disputed for a wide variety of reasons. But they’re clever, either way: Octopi have pulled heists on crab boats, and breaking out of their aquarium and into other habitats for food is a fairly common behavior. In fact, it’s actually illegal in some countries to operate on an octopus unless you use anesthesia, they’re considered that intelligent.

Basically if the world floods, the octopi are going to take over and we’re screwed. Unless we get killed by robots first.