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The Internet Reacts To The ‘Law & Order’ GamerGate Episode

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'Law & Order' tackles GamerGate and, well, it goes how you'd expect.

#Under The Dome CBS

‘Under The Dome': Your Tongue-In-Cheek Guide To CBS’ Summer Flagship

By | 174 Comments

Season two of 'Under the Dome' premieres, and people who yell jokes at screens are excited! Here's what you need to know.

the little mermaid

An Oscar Winner Will Direct The Gritty Retelling Of 'The Little Mermaid'

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Because of course 'The Little Mermaid' is getting a gritty retelling.


SHOCK: The United States Government Is Terrible At Cybersecurity

By | 2 Comments

Did you update your software just now? You literally have better cybersecurity than some departments of the United States government.


Google Hilariously Sticks It To The RIAA In A New Report

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Google is doing its level best to stop piracy... and also trying to tell the RIAA that piracy isn't the problem.

oh brother

Mercedes Is Teaming Up With Google Glass To Get Faces Punched


Yeah, Mercedes, teaming up with Google Glass to create an excuse to show off that you own Google Glass. Not douchey at alllll.

Star Trek Into Darkness

‘Star Trek Into Darkness': More Khan? Sure. Remake Of ‘Khan’? NO.

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'Star Trek Into Darkness' probably has Khan as a villain. That's a good idea. Reminding us of 'Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan?' Not a good idea!

oh brother

Rumor: The Villain In The Justice League Movie Will Be Exactly Who You Think It Is

By | 35 Comments

'Justice League' has a villain, and potentially a serious problem.

oh brother

Three Reasons Cable’s Streaming Games Gamble Will Fail

By | 10 Comments

Cable wants you to buy your games from it. Yeah, good luck with that.

see this is why you listen to scientists

Irony Alert: Car-Triggered Climate Change Trashing Roads

By | 4 Comments

Climate change costs you money. Now maybe can we get a reasonable policy about it?


Yup, Facebook Launched An App Store


Because between Google Play, the iTunes App Store, the Amazon App Store, the Google Chrome App Store.

oh brother

The Next "Call of Duty" Will Apparently Be Modern Day

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Let's all be shocked there's a new "Call of Duty" game coming out and that it's a sequel to "Black Ops".


Your Facebook Likes Aren't Free Speech, For Now

By | 2 Comments

A couple of police officers working under sheriff B.


Mummy Reboot to Get Rebooted, Creativity to Die In Hollywood

By | 8 Comments

The reboot of "The Mummy" was an entertainingly ridiculous action adventure movie that pretty much answer the question of what happens when you give a sugared-up fourteen year old a hundred million dollars and tell him to make the most awesome Indiana Jones ripoff ever.


Old People Discover New Way To Troll Facebook


As it's an election year, and we don't live in a country that can treat professional sports with civility, forget political contests that actually matter, rumors of a new form of Facebook trolling are coming to the fore: namely, members of one political party liking a page in order to report people who don't agree with them as spammers.


Well, "Dark Shadows" Looks All Kinds Of Awful

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If you've never seen the original "Dark Shadows", it's actually worth catching on Netflix, if for no other reason than to see what would happen if Hammer Films were forced to make a soap opera on a tiny, tiny budget.

that's racist

SNL Beat Pete Hoekstra To His Racist Ad By Two Decades

By | 5 Comments

Pete Hoekstra, best known outside Michigan for getting pantsed by Twitter, is the challenger to Michigan senator Debbie Stabenow.

oh brother

“John Carter” Featurette Hits New Low In Audience Expectations

By | 6 Comments

This is how you know a studio has failed to properly market a movie: they put out a minute long YouTube video explaining what the movie is actually about, complete with pop music and a jokey narrator.

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