The Robertson Family Is Working On A ‘Duck Dynasty’ Musical For Las Vegas

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The Robertsons are heading to Sin City to tell their rags-to-riches story at the Rio Hotel and Casino.

#Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold Schwarzenegger Doesn't Give A Damn About The Facebook Campus Rules

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On a visit to the Facebook campus, Arnold Schwarzenegger reminded everyone that he won't play by anyone's rules.


Remember All That Nevin Shapiro Nonsense? The NCAA Probably Screwed Everything Up

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Remember back in August of 2011, when <a href="">Yahoo! Sports' Charles Robinson blew the doors open on a Miami Hurricanes scandal</a> that had most college football fans chanting, “DEATH PENALTY.


David Stern Is Doing Just Fine

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NBA Commissioner David Stern and his band of 30 starving owners locked the players out on July 1 because they make too much money.

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