The Awkward New York Mets Version Of Sleigh Ride Is The Best Gift You’ll Get This Year


The New York Mets sang Sleigh Ride like somebody was holding a gun to their heads, and nothing says Christmas quite like bad athlete songs.


Let’s Watch Mike Tyson Perform At The Tony Awards For Some Reason

Want to watch Mike Tyson emerge from a pack of cheerleaders and do boxing-themed dance moves in a James Bond tuxedo with Doogie Howser.


The Golf Boys Are Back And More Golf-Boyey Than Ever

Your Golf Buoyancy is about to be off the charts because the Golf Boys -- the golf-themed boyband -- is back.

#LeBron James

Shane Battier Versus The Theme To 'The Love Boat.' Who Ya Got?


With Leather has never been an overwhelmingly pro-Miami Heat type of site.


Fist In A Box, This Year’s Most Disappointing Video To Perverts With Google

We shared a lot of horrifyingly-bad Christmas updates this year, but none quite as epic as Michael "The Menace" Johnson's "special holiday song" for his UFC 155 opponent, Myles Jury.


The Next Person Who Makes Athletes Sing Jingle Bells Gets My Foot Up Their Ass


The only upside to a Mayan apocalypse going down at some point today would be the end of whoever keeps making athletes sing sports-related Christmas carols because they're sports guys and it's Christmas.


The 12 Days Of MMA Christmas, AKA ‘Brittney Palmer In Christmas Underwear’


'The Twelve Days Of Christmas' is a holiday standard and I've always enjoyed it, but TMZ had to go and write all weird about Kate Upton's boobs, and now that's all I can think of when they get to the "maids a'milking.


Reminder: The Japanese Version Of Wrestlers Singing Christmas Carols Is Way Better


Yesterday, I wrote a thing about WWE's pro wrestling-themed charity/parody 'Jingle Bells' video, a clip that you either found hilarious or soul-crushing depending on how seriously you take fake fighting.


Arianny Celeste Has A Hard Sci-Fi Music Video


UFC ring girl and professional soccer ball sitter-nearer Arianny Celeste announced via Twitter on Wednesday that the music video for her song 'Top Of The World' had arrived, and if you're worried that Paris Hilton-ish club banger from a lady who walks around in her underwear for a living might be a rushed, Rebecca Black affair, don't be -- this baby has all the lens flares, costume changes and ill-defined sci-fi plots of a summer blockbuster.


Joe Mauer is Looking California and Feeling Minnesota


At the risk of ruining a perfectly cromulent Dugout, I wanted to share the latest commercial from Explore Minnesota, a group hoping to embiggen the state's tourism.

#Justin Bieber

Shaq To Bieber: I’m Your Biggest Fan


While signing huge alimony checks to his ex-wife and not signing with any NBA teams, Shaquille O’Neal is known for being an attention hog, gladly clinging to anything that can keep him in the spotlight.

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