The 12 Days Of MMA Christmas, AKA ‘Brittney Palmer In Christmas Underwear’

‘The Twelve Days Of Christmas’ is a holiday standard and I’ve always enjoyed it, but TMZ had to go and write all weird about Kate Upton’s boobs, and now that’s all I can think of when they get to the “maids a’milking.” Thanks for trying to ruin Christmas, TMZ.

I had to find new, non-milk-related lyrics to go along with the tune, and lucky for me, a bunch of MMA guys got together to sing about “knees a’flying” and “five guillotines” for Gamma Labs’ ’12 Days Of MMA Christmas.’ It features pretty much everything you’d want in 12 days of MMA Christmas … Chuck Liddell senitively playing piano, Joe Stevenson accompanied by a children’s choir, Urijah Faber kneeing everything in sight. Oh, and the whole thing is kicked off by ring girl extraordinaire Brittney Palmer in some Christmas underpants. You, uh, have probably skipped this entirely.

The video is below. Fun fact: If somebody says “Gamma Labs” more than 10 times, it stops being words. GABBALBLABS UNDER THE TREE!

I wish Cristiane Santos could’ve been in here somewhere, if only to hear her say “12 steroids a’doing.”

[h/t to Cage Potato]