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Remembering Mr. Rogers On The Tenth Anniversary Of His Death

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Fred Rogers, aka Mr. Rogers, died ten years ago today. He was a great man, one of the greatest, and we miss him.


Anthony Bourdain Is Producing A PBS Show That Will Follow Momofuku Chef David Chang

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Former 'No Reservations' host Anthony Bourdain is producing a show for PBS titled 'Mind of a Chef' that will focus on Momofuku's David Chang. YES.


PBS Explores The Evolution Of Animation


In its most recent installment of its Off Book series -- sort of a collection of cultural anthropology lessons -- PBS takes a look at animation and how it's evolved over time, right up through the modern age of the internet.


'Reading Rainbow' Is Not A F**king Game

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The theme to PBS's 'Reading Rainbow' gets mashed-up with a bunch of barking and yelling by DMX. This is why the Internet was invented.


'Downton Abbey' Teasers: Fancy Yo Momma Jokes, Y'all

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The first teaser trailers for Season 3 of 'Downton Abbey' are out, and Maggie Smith is dropping some fancy Yo Momma jokes on people.


‘The Joy Of Painting’ — A Bob Ross Remix By PBS

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Hey remember that great Mister Rogers remix PBS put out a while back? Well they've followed it up with a Bob Ross remix: "The Joy of Painting."

Bob Ross Makes Sweet, Sweet Love To His Happy Little Clouds In PBS Remix (And The Morning Links)

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Hear a PBS remix of Bob Ross's happy little "The Joy of Painting," and the rest of the Morning Links.


YouP0rn offers Fred Willard a free computer

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Good news for Fred Willard over the weekend, as not only has he been offered a deal to avoid being<a href="" target="_blank"> charged for lewd conduct </a>if he takes <a href="" target="_blank">a counseling course</a>, YouPorn wants to give him a free computer.


PBS fired Fred Willard from their dumb show

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There was a time in this country when a man was allowed to earn a living and what he did on his own time was his own damn business.

the eye

PBS Explores The Wonders Of The Human Eye


I guess <a href="">the Eyewriter</a> is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the incredible capabilities of the human eye.


PBS Explores The Evolution Of 8-Bit Art


Well, the good folks at PBS have <a href="">done it again</a> -- they've made another web video exploring the depths of web culture that is both highly informative and entertaining.


PBS Off Book Explores The Enigmatic World Of Reddit


Last we checked in with <a href="" target="_blank">Off Book</a> -- PBS's web-original series exploring internet art and culture -- they were delving into <a href="" target="_blank">web-fueled artistic renaissance</a> and <a href="" target="_blank">the history of the animated GIF</a>, each of which proved to be highly entertaining and informative, although I will never acknowledge "jif" as an acceptable pronunciation.


Meet The Cell Tower Climbers Who Died So We Could All Have iPhone & Android Phone Service

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Man, <a href="">Frontline is airing an investigation tonight on PBS</a> (check your local listings) that will have us all feeling like dicks for ever calling our mobile phone carriers to whine about dropped calls: "Cell Tower Deaths," a "joint investigation by FRONTLINE and ProPublica explores the hazardous work of independent contractors who are building and servicing America’s expanding cellular infrastructure.


One of the Best Shows on TV Returns Sunday Night, and It's Not on HBO or AMC

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I'll keep this brief, and let it serve mostly as a reminder that -- though you've probably already got enough on your plate on Sunday nights with the "Game of Thrones," "Mad Men," "The Killing", and "Veep," there is another show very, very much worth your attention.

art on the internet

How The Internet Has Changed Art


One of the things we breathlessly cover here at UPROXX is the creation of art on the internet, which has provided a platform for artistic expression and creation unlike any in the history of man.


PBS(?) Delves Into The History And Evolution Of GIFs

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When I ran across this video last night I was sure that it was going to be one of those annoying "old people trying to explain the internet to other old people" things, considering that it was produced by PBS.


'Arrested Development' Collides With British Aristocracy In 'Arrested Downton'


First there was <a href="">Downton Tabby</a> and then the gleefully swearword-filled <a href="">Eastbound and Downton Abbey</a>, and now the Downton Abbey meme-ification continues with <a href="">Arrested Downton</a>, a completely-necessary combination of Downton Abbey screencaps with quotes from Arrested Development.

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