8 Pop Culture Droste Effect GIFS That Will Blow Your Mind

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"Droste Effect" is the name given for a specific type of recursive image.


Chubby Bubbles Girl: Pop Culture Edition


On occasion I like to revisit ancient memes and discover all the pop culture variations that have spawned since they exited my consciousness.


They Told Me I Could Be Anything: Pop Culture Edition


"They Told Me I Could Be Anything I Wanted" originated with the "So I Became a God" take on god tier internet classic Clarinet Boy portrait and then evolved into a meme that can now take a random shot at anyone.


Deal With It GIFs: Pop Culture Edition

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If there's a lazier way to win an e-argument than with a "Deal With It" GIF, I'm unaware of it.


Haters Gonna Hate: Pop Culture Edition


Memes come and go and only a chosen few have any semblance of staying power.


‘B*tches Love’ Movie Edition Memes

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The "Bitches Love X" meme made its debut a few months ago and has been sourced back to this Boondocks clip and white people being way to jazzed to use the phrase "bitches love" in a sentence.

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