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Larry Wilmore Jokingly Tried To Talk Jon Stewart Out Of Leaving ‘The Daily Show’


Larry Wilmore isn't out to replace Jon Stewart on 'The Daily Show,' but he did jokingly try to stop him from leaving.

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Tom Brokaw’s Cell Phone Is More Important Than Nonstop Election Coverage


After his iPhone 6 Plus's siren started blaring during MSNBC's election coverage, Tom Brokaw played it off like the legend that he is.


If They Melded: Justin Bieber & Rachel Maddow Edition

Conan O’Brien mashes together video footage of celebrities, and the results are horrifying.


Watch Stephen Colbert ‘Feast On The Impotent Rage’ Of MSNBC Following Obama’s Flat Debate Performance

Stephen Colbert feasted on Chris Matthews' "impotent rage" last night and it was nothing short of hilarious.

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Live TV Farts Are the Best Farts


These last couple days, I've been doing everything I can to not think about how all the money I've saved has evaporated with the stock market plummeting.


News Anchors Love Them Some Haboob

First off, some knowledge: A haboob is a type of sandstorm (thanks, Wikipedia).

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Supercut: Haboob!


Earlier this week, a massive dust storm engulfed Phoenix, providing eye-popping images that made the national news.


‘Weinergate’ Building Toward A Climax

I'll admit, I've had a hard time keeping up up with "Weinergate," the controversy surrounding New York Congressman Anthony Weiner's possible tweeting out of a picture erect(.

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Anyone Can Grow Up to Be President


I try to stay away from political discussion on this blog, because people who like to argue politics have terrible senses of humor (and also because dog Photoshops are a nobler and more intellectual pursuit).

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