How ‘Clerks’ Still Offers A Relevant Look At Retail Hell 20 Years Later

By | 31 Comments

To honor 'Clerks' on its 20th anniversary, we're showing some love for its still relevant take on the hell of working in retail.


The U.S. Postal Service Finally Joins The Twenty-First Century

By | 5 Comments

Sick of the lines at the post office? They're finally discovering technology to solve that problem.


Retail Chains Are Shipping To Your House From Their Stores In An Effort To Fight Amazon

By | 3 Comments

Soon, ship from store will make your local mall into a shipping hub. Or, you know, just prolong the inevitable.


50 Actual Items That You Can Buy To Celebrate The Royal Wedding

By | 2 Comments

When all is said and done and Prince William and Kate Middleton say, “Oi do”, retail stores in and around London are expected to have pulled in as much as £550 million in profit.


Are Oil Prices Killing The Recovery?

By | 3 Comments

For the ninth consecutive month, consumers be shopping.


A National Comic Book Chain In The US? You Got it!

By | 3 Comments

It looks like the first ever national comic book chain has arrived in the form of Hastings, a media store that's replacing a lot of its musical product with comic books.

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