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Watch Kanye West Deliver His Most Heartfelt, Humble Speech At ‘BET Honors’

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Watch Kanye's award acceptance speech at the 2015 BET Honors ceremony.

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Watch This Pre-‘College Dropout’ Video Of An Earnest Kanye West

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This early video footage of Kanye West shows a glimpse of a rapper on the cusp.

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Kanye West And Dame Dash Finally Reunited At The BET Honors Awards

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Kanye West and Dame Dash come together at BET's 2015 Honors Awards event.


Watch Just Blaze & Young Guru Reminisce On Roc-A-Fella, Jay & Dame, Constructing “Song Cry,” The Influx Of EDM & More

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If there are two non-rapping but infinitely important people to Hip-Hop, they're Just Blaze and Young Guru.

The iPod Shuffle

The iPod Shuffle – Beanie Sigel’s “Feel It In The Air”

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Ever since Sugerhill Gang flipped the breaks to "Good Times" into a lifelong, dance-floor deal-breaker, the vast majority of radio records have been catered toward the club.

Trick Daddy

The iPod Shuffle – Memphis Bleek’s “Round Here”

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Time hasn't been kind to Memphis Bleek, but that doesn't detract from one of the best group cuts of the 2000s.

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“Bang Bang” – Review Of Beanie Sigel’s The Broad Street Bully

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Last time we heard from Beanie Sigel, he was guzzling shots of Patron with Diddy and posturing in three-piece suits on penthouse rooftops.

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Notable Quotable – Young Chris On “Run To The Roc”

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"I love my niggas for life, ain't no doubt about that My nigga (Free), My nigga (Crakk) Blow a shot for Mack Oschino & Sparks, them niggas my heart Sold by plunder, keep it 100 from the start 'Whole Prop, we was fresh off the block like what Came at Nas, came at the Lox Ain't give a fuck Whoever came at Big Homie had a problem with us See we was all we knew, in Roc-A-Fella we trust Now this bullshit split-up, fucked the whole shit up Knocked us back to scraddles, fuck we get back to that.

Roc A Fella Records

“Crack Rap” – Review Of Freeway’s Philadelphia Freeway 2

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Always unappreciated but never undervalued, Freeway played Roc-A-Fella's wingman steadily for a good 7 years.

The Last Kiss

Jadakiss – “Can’t Stop Me” Video

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Jadakiss - Can't Stop Me The anticipation builds: will J to tha Muah's Roc-A-Fella debut mark a monumental stage in his career or will it just be another momentaneous release-n-promo like so many Hip-Hop releases this year.

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Memphis Bleek – Feed The Street$ Mixtape

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Hosted By DJ Envy Quiet as kept, Memphis Bleek has been vigilantly working on creating his own lumination, so that one day he may step from out of the shadows of greatness.

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